Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rejection Feels Good

I just figured I would throw this very short post out there. The Yankees offered a minor league contract to Andruw Jones which Andruw Jones went on to turn down.

Thank goodness. Andruw Jones is the complete opposite of what the Yankees need right now. Like having Nady, Swisher, Matsui, Damon, Gardner and prospect Austin Jackson isn't enough.

Granted this was a minor league contract, it would be awful for the Yankees to turn to another old washed up outfielder that they do not need.

Hey Yankees, you are on the right track right now sticking with the young Austin Jackson, giving Brett Gardner a chance, keeping the young Cano and keeping your young pitching. No need to try and get Andruw Jones.

And as for you Mr. Jones, thanks for the rejection. It is greatly appreciated.

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