Monday, February 23, 2009

Jeter Sore Hamstring Could Mean More Than You Think

Derek Jeter is sitting out of spring training for a little while with a sore hamstring. No big deal right? Well normally I would agree. And there certainly is a great chance this is no big deal. Most likely, Jeter's hamstring will heal, no longer, be sore and Jeter will again be up and about playing baseball at 100%.

But let us think for a second. Jeter has of course been injured before but it was injuries like the dislocated shoulder which occurred from a slide into third base.

But when was the last time Derek Jeter had a hamstring injury? Well as far as I can remember, and I could be wrong, the answer is never. Jeter has never had an injury like this. So what does it mean? Well I think that Jeter is getting older. And Jeter is getting older. That is how the world works. You get one year older every year.

This sore hamstring could possibly mean that Jeter's body can no longer handle the day to day baseball activities as well as it used to be able to. Yankee fans must hope that more hamstring injuries do not come and that this does not mean that Derek Jeter's body is starting to break down due to old age.

Just something to ponder.....

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