Monday, February 9, 2009

Before and After

OK I am hating the talk about A Rod prior to steroids and A Rod after steroids so let us put that discussion to a sudden halt. Below is a picture of A-Rod as a Mariner and then as a Texas Ranger when he was on the juice.

Now anyone who sees a real significant change is blind. There is barely any change whatsoever. You also have to remember anyone out of High School or College will look somewhat stronger with or without steroids because when you are working out on a more rigorous level with more professional trainers, you are going to be stronger. You cannot be the same strength in High School or College as in the Major Leagues. You will fail miserably so everyone will be stronger. There cannot actually be anyone out there who believes these pictures show a significant change.

If you want to see a significant change, below is the before and after of Barry Bonds.

This is significant. Whether you believe or not he did roids, well he did. Bottom line. Bonds is on the juice. I am not telling you that this particular before and after proves it. But this is a significant change.

A-Rod has not had a significant change.

And also keep in mind what steroids is. Steroids are not magic pills. You know how Popeye the sailor pops in his spinach and his muscles grow instantly? Yeah well that isn't how steroids work. Steroids allow you to build stronger muscles quicker and also expands the capacity your muscles can grow a bit. But just because someone does steroids does not mean he becomes the instant muscle man. It would be nice if it worked that way but it does not.

Without steroids, it may have taken A-Rod a little bit longer to get to the stature he is at but he would have gotten there anyway. But still, the change in stature is rather insignificant.

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