Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Wake Daddy!

Remember this game? Well the Rangers are playing like the Daddy on top. In fact in this game, the Rangers are winning. In fact, they are doing a stellar job! But unfortunately, hockey does not work that way. And last night the Rangers lost their 5th straight game against the New Jersey Devils. In fact in the last 4 games, the Rangers have been shutout twice and in the other 2 games they scored 3 goals combined. The Rangers are not only heavily struggling but ignoring the 10-2 loss to Dallas (in which Valiquette was in goal), the confidence of Lundqvist will continue to decline despite the fact these games are for the most part not at all his fault.

I am also beginning to think that head coach Tom Renney is on the hot seat. It may be that time to shift our focus to the coaching staff and not necessarily the players.

Now let us see if the Rangers try and get Sean Avery back.

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