Tuesday, February 17, 2009

RE: So It's Drastic Changes You Want ...

And just when I thought I was the only person contributing to this blog, Metstradamus has chosen to give me a piece of my own medicine. Well played sir!

Now one must keep in mind that I am not against having Illya Kovalchuck but you do not want to give up too much. I and many other Ranger fans love Brandon Dubinsky and he has become a bit of a fighter and a boost of energy. Now of course I don't need to defend Dubinsky and if we compared straight numbers, of course Kovalchuck comes way out on top.

But also keep in mind, that in the article where I mentioned I may be a genius, I was still 100% correct. If Drury and Gomez play to their full potential every game and score goals, the Rangers are in good hands.

Also, we did not expect the Rangers to be nearly as good as how they were playing. But it is appropriate to panic. The Rangers do need to get Sean Avery though. That is important. He should provide a huge boost for the team.

Also, there is a lot of talk about "Tom Renney taking the fall for Glen Sather." And sure Tom Renney has had success with the Rangers but, us fans would prefer more success. I think that a change would not be so wrong and would hopefully also be a wakeup call to the team.

So yes I have called for drastic change, possibly the firing of Renney, and certainly signing Avery. And I did say something must be done at the trade deadline but it must be smart. And not just smart for this year or next year but for the long haul.

Let us wait and see....

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