Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Second Helping Might Not Be So Sloppy

Rumors are fun, especially when they involve Sean Avery and the Rangers.

With the Dallas Stars set to reveal their plans for the "Worst Teammate Known to Man" on Sunday (it only took this long because blindfolding him, driving him to the middle of the sticks and leaving him there to find his own way home for a few weeks isn't a legal option), speculation abounds as to what Avery's fate will be.

Avery seems to be a hockey pariah these days ... so even if Brett Hull comes out and announces to the league that he's available in a trade (come 'n get 'em, boys), even Hull can't expect his door to be knocked down. The Rangers, the stop where Avery has had his best impact, has been mentioned as a landing spot for him. But Avery's comments regarding Steve Valiquette and his unnecessary attack on MSG's John Giannone provided enough gasoline to burn down the George Washington bridge.

Now, there's a rumor out there that the Rangers could still trade for Avery and make the room happy at the same time. Here's how: The Rangers trade Michal Rozsival (or Wade Redden, depending on what you read), for Avery. The Rozsival trade would free up about a million in cap room. Then, the Rangers would put Avery on waivers, and when nobody picks up Avery, he goes to the minor leagues (which in itself would make Valiquette giggle), and frees up another four million dollars.

And wouldn't you know there's a certain star player who's still looking for a job.

Oh yeah, Mats Sundin. I heard he might be available.

Right now, this is still in rumor stage ... but I wonder if a team that went 0 for 9 on the power play against New Jersey (and one for its previous 29), wouldn't think long and hard about letting Avery pass through New York on his way to the minors (or back to Vogue) for a chance at Sundin.

Would it all be worth it? You decide. While you're thinking about it, watch as both Avery and Sundin drive goalies to drink.

One real ...

One fictional.

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