Monday, December 15, 2008

Miracle at the Meadowlands: The Sequel

Did my eyes deceive me? Because I could have sworn that Herman Edwards was back in the Meadowlands on Sunday.

The game was over. The season was over. The credits were rolling on the Jets' yearbook video that NFL Films does every year. And then, J.P. Losman wanted to remind the world why he's been benched 274 times in his brief NFL career.

As a Jet fan, you wonder a few things. You wonder what the Jets would have won by if they had brought the kind of pressure that Abram Elam brought on that unfathomable play all game. You wonder if that was the moment that will finally and accidentally get the Jets back on the right track. But most of all you just wonder ... what the hell just happened?

The Jets won the AFC East in 2002 because of a similar blunder. Not by J.P. Losman, but by former Dolphins head coach Dave Wannestedt who, backed up near his own end zone, up by three late in the game, and Ricky Williams having rushed for a zillion yards that day, decided to call three passing plays ... all incomplete, thus saving the Patriots three time outs, and giving them the ball back and set up a tying field goal ... then the winning field goal ... giving the Jets a chance to win the division in their final game of the season at the Meadowlands later that day.

The quarterbacks for that game? Pennington vs. Favre.

Six years later, J.P. Losman's slippery fingers have given the Jets a new hope to win the division on the final day of the season at the Meadowlands. One in which the quarterbacks will be ...

That's right, Pennington vs. Favre. But I imagine that this time the Jets faithful will be backing the other guy.

Merry Christmas, J.P. Losman. Because when you get a gift that says "Do Not Open Until Christmas", you don't wait. You go right ahead and open that gift ... and it's one that we can all enjoy here in New York.

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