Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rex Ryan is new Jets Head Coach.... and he Wants Favre!

Well Jet fans there is good news and bad news. The good news is, you are going to have a good coach in Rex Ryan. He should be able to fit over well with the Jets and one would expect the Jets to have a successful season.

The bad news is, Rex Ryan wants Brett Favre. How about ummm no! Rex Ryan may be a good coach but he may not be that smart. Rex Ryan wants Schottenheimer to stay as offensive coordinator and the Jets feel with Schottenheimer still there, it will convinve Favre to come back.

This is the very wrong approach. Ryan said in his press conference that he would rather play with Favre rather than against him. He said in 2001 Favre had maybe his best game ever against the Ravens.

Great! Who cares? 2001 was 8 years ago! That is nearly a decade. Do you know how big a difference that is? Brett Favre is not that QB anymore! He is old and oh yeah just in case you did not realize Jets and Ryan, THE JETS MISSED THE PLAYOFFS WITH FAVRE!

It is time to force Favre into retirement. Rex Ryan, Brett favre will play for the Jets or retire. He won't play for another team he won't play against you. Brett Favre will fail down the stretch again, if not maybe for the whole season and it is time for the Jets to find their Quarterback of the future and that obviously is not Brett Favre.


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P.S. I am a diehard Giants fan but stupidity makes me angry...