Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Giants to Sign TO?

According to Mike Lombardi of the Nation Football Post, the Cowboys are having serious discussions about releasing Terrell Owens.

Well this timing could be perfect because with Plaxico Burress, on the verge of serving a 3 year jail sentence, the Giants lack a number one wide receiver which is a big reason why the Giants failed to win against their division rival Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday.

Owens is 35 years old but if the Giants want any chance of winning a Super Bowl again in the near future, Owens can certainly help. Despite being 35 years of age, Owens still has great skill and would probably draw as much attention as Plaxico Burress did. Owens is 4 years older and 3 inches smaller, Owens is a much bigger upgrade over Hixon.

There are sometimes distractions that come along with Terrell Owens but, Plaxico Burress of course has plenty of his own. Ya know... like shooting himself in the leg? A two-year contract may not hurt so much. Obviousy Owens has a lot more issues than Burress but I think it may be worth the risk. The Giants would not have to trade away good young talent and they would be able to get a number 1 caliber receiver.

Of course as of this post Owens is still a Cowboy and the Giants have had zero discussions regarding Terrell Owens. Owens averaged 18.9 YPC with five scores in the last eight games.

If TO is released I think it would be worth it for the Giants to have some discussions regarding TO.

If the Giants are really skeptical about him I would wait a little bit. If TO cannot find a team in the time frame he would like you can probably get a pretty cheap 2 year deal for him. If you don't like him after 1 year, you would not be missing out on a whole lot of money.

It is worth a shot....

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