Monday, January 26, 2009

Pettitte and Yanks Agree to Terms

The Andy Pettitte talks with the New York Yankees have almost been as annoying as the Favre talk during last year's off-season but just a little less public. Andy Pettitte was being quite stubborn for a while and holding out for money the Yanks would not give him. Pettitte ideally wanted roughly 14 million dollars but the Yankees would not budge and it is good they didn't.

Pettitte is not worth 14 million dollars for one year. He was not even great last year. Pettitte was 14-14 last year with a 4.54 ERA. Not 14 million dollar material.

The deal is now agreed upon as a 5.5 million dollar deal for one year but Pettitte can earn himself up to 12 million.

The Yankees rotation should now be Sabathia, Burnett, Wang, Joba, and Pettitte. We may see some Phil Hughes mixed in some where but the signing should take away time for Ian Kennedy, Kei Igawa (thank g-d), and Alfredo Aceves (at least as a starter).

Of course we could see those 3 pitchers in the rotation at the same time if the Yankees face the worst case scenario. Burnett has shown to be injury prone, we are not really sure what the deal is with Joba yet and Pettitte is getting a lot older. The Yankees hope those guys are not hurt but you never know.

But for those of you Yankee haters with the whole buying players argument and whatever, you may see a rotation with Aceves, Hughes, Kennedy, and Joba Chamberlain if things are bad. Plus there is Wang as well. These guys are all young and Yankee prodigies.

So stop whining.

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