Saturday, November 15, 2008

Booing Betemit

We all know New York City is known as the Big Apple. Does that mean all the people in it are New York's little apples? Well I know one person who is and that is Wilson Betemit. Wilson Betemit is a career .260 hitter and under manager Joe Girardi he played 87 games. Go figure. For those of you who are bad at math or those who do not have a calculator, that means Betemit played in 53% of the Yankees' games. Oh by the way, 53% is more than half. Wilson Betemit is a utility infielder and the reason he would play so many times over either Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, or Jason Giambi is in fact mind boggling. I can continue to throw out stats at you like his .218 average with runners in scoring position but I just don't find it necessary. The point is, Wilson Betemit is in fact a little apple. Had a deal actually been completed I would prefer an apple playing in place of Derek Jeter or Alex Rodriguez on a day off. Given the small strike zone provided by an apple, the on base percentage would be nearly 1.000.

The Yankees made a great move today in trading Wilson Betemit. I won't even get into why a team would be willing to take him. But in return, the Yankees received OF/1B Nick Swisher who is a big improvement over Betemit and is much needed due to the vacancies at both first base and outfield. Granted he can only play one position at a time and will most likely play first base moreso than anywhere else, I have finally given props to Brian Cashman on this move. The Yankees did also give up RHP Jeff Marquez and RHP Jhonny Nunez. In addition to Swisher, the Yankees also received RHP Kanekoa Texeira
who is now the closest the Yankees will get to Mark Texiera... or is he? Swisher did have a pretty awful season last year but still did show his display of power and if he can get back to his old self this is a true upgrade at both first base or the outfield. If the Yankees do continue to try and pursue Mark Texiera, then it will be a great move. Keep in mind the Yankees still can give another shot to Shelley Duncan at first base. So to sum it all up, the Yankees got Nick Swisher in return for an apple. Now let us discuss C.C. Sabathia...

Mark Elliot Wishnia
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