Friday, November 21, 2008

All Right, My Head is Spinning Now

After a few weeks of nothing in the world of all things Metropolitan, now we have more news than we can handle. First, Aaron Heilman demands to either start, or be traded somewhere where he can start. Then we find out that Luis Castillo has practically begged the Mets to not be traded.

Now we have news that it's not Frankie Rodriguez nor Brian Fuentes, or even Bobby Jenks that the Mets are targeting to close, but Mariners closer JJ Putz.

Irony, thy name is Omar Minaya. It's kinda hilarious the same team that is concerned that K-Rod might get hurt would instead turn to Putz, who already has been hurt. Yup, forward thinking.

But before you overreact by throwing a brick through a plate glass window, breathe. The same person who originally brought us this nugget
also told us that Livan Hernandez was on his way to Queens also. So easy does it, gang.

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